HAI Governance Committee

The Utah Healthcare Infection Prevention (UHIP) Governance Committee is a multi-disciplinary panel of state leaders in patient safety, infectious diseases, and infection control. Membership is comprised from a broad base of care delivery groups across the State, and it is organized and staffed by the Utah Department of Health. The UHIP Governance Committee meets quarterly at the State Capitol, Senate Office Building in the Olmstead Room.


To provide leadership and direction for healthcare-associated infection prevention and reporting activities in Utah.

  1. Adi Gundiapalli, MD – University of Utah
  2. Adrienne Butterwick, MPH, CHES – CoMagine Health
  3. Alessandro Rossi, PhD – Utah Public Health Laboratory
  4. Alessia Banning, RN – University of Utah
  5. Allyn Nakashima, MD – Utah Department of Health
  6. Amanda Smith, PhD – Utah Department of Health
  7. Andy Pavia, MD – Primary Children’s Hospital
  8. Angela Dunn, MD – Utah Department of Health
  9. April Clements, RN – Utah Department of Health
  10. Arlen Jarrett, MD, FACOG – Steward Health Care
  11. Bert Lopansri, MD – Intermountain Healthcare
  12. Brett Heikens, RN, MBA – University of Utah/Kolff Dialysis Center
  13. Carolyn Reese, RN – Utah Healthcare Association
  14. Carrie Taylor, RN – Intermountain Healthcare
  15. Cherie Frame, RN – Intermountain Healthcare
  16. Emily Spivak, MD, MHS – VA Salt Lake Health Care System
  17. Jeanmarie Mayer, MD – University of Utah
  18. Juliana Preston, MPA – Comagine Health
  19. Kelli Scott, RN – Utah Department of Health
  20. Kelly Criddle, RN – Utah Department of Health
  21. Linda Egbert, RN – Comagine Health
  22. Linda Rider, RN – Utah Department of Health
  23. Lindsay Snodgrass, MPH – MountainStar Healthcare
  24. Lisa Evans, RN – Uintah Basin Medical Center
  25. Lisa Pearson, MSN, RN, ADON – South Davis Community Hospital
  26. Mark Fisher, PhD – Utah Public Health Laboratory
  27. Mark Oliver, MD – MountainStar Healthcare
  28. Marsha Meyer, RN, CIC – MountainStar Healthcare
  29. Mary Jordan, RN – Steward Health Care
  30. Mark Oliver, MD – St. Mark’s Hospital
  31. Maureen Vowles, MPH, M9ASCP), CIC – Utah Department of Health
  32. Melissa Diamond, MPH – Utah Department of Health
  33. Patricia Watkins, RN – Steward Health Care
  34. Randon Gruninger, MPH – Utah Department of Health
  35. Rhonda Hensley, MS, SM(ASCP), CMC – Utah Public Health Laboratory
  36. Sara Phillips – Comagine Health
  37. Sharon Sumner, RN – Intermountain Healthcare
  38. Valerie Lambiase, RN – Veterans Health Administration
  39. Wayne Kinsey, BSN, RN – KPC Promise Healthcare