Utah Healthcare Infection Prevention Governance Committee (UHIP-GC)

The Utah Healthcare Infection Prevention Governance Committee (UHIP-GC) is a multi-disciplinary panel of state leaders in patient safety, infectious diseases, and infection control. UHIP-GC meets quarterly. Membership is comprised of a broad base of care delivery groups across the State, and is organized and staffed by the Utah Department of Health.


To provide leadership and direction for healthcare-associated infection prevention and reporting activities in Utah.

  1. Adi Gundiapalli, MD – University of Utah
  2. Adrienne Butterwick, MPH, CHES – CoMagine Health
  3. Alessandro Rossi, PhD – Utah Public Health Laboratory
  4. Alessia Banning, RN – University of Utah
  5. Allyn Nakashima, MD – Utah Department of Health
  6. Amanda Smith, PhD – Utah Department of Health
  7. Andy Pavia, MD – Primary Children’s Hospital
  8. Angela Dunn, MD – Utah Department of Health
  9. April Clements, RN – Utah Department of Health
  10. Arlen Jarrett, MD, FACOG – Steward Health Care
  11. Bert Lopansri, MD – Intermountain Healthcare
  12. Brett Heikens, RN, MBA – University of Utah/Kolff Dialysis Center
  13. Carolyn Reese, RN – Utah Healthcare Association
  14. Carrie Taylor, RN – Intermountain Healthcare
  15. Cherie Frame, RN – Intermountain Healthcare
  16. Emily Spivak, MD, MHS – VA Salt Lake Health Care System
  17. Jeanmarie Mayer, MD – University of Utah
  18. Juliana Preston, MPA – Comagine Health
  19. Kelli Scott, RN – Utah Department of Health
  20. Kelly Criddle, RN – Utah Department of Health
  21. Linda Egbert, RN – Comagine Health
  22. Linda Rider, RN – Utah Department of Health
  23. Lindsay Snodgrass, MPH – MountainStar Healthcare
  24. Lisa Evans, RN – Uintah Basin Medical Center
  25. Lisa Pearson, MSN, RN, ADON – South Davis Community Hospital
  26. Mark Fisher, PhD – Utah Public Health Laboratory
  27. Mark Oliver, MD – MountainStar Healthcare
  28. Marsha Meyer, RN, CIC – MountainStar Healthcare
  29. Mary Jordan, RN – Steward Health Care
  30. Mark Oliver, MD – St. Mark’s Hospital
  31. Maureen Vowles, MPH, M9ASCP), CIC – Utah Department of Health
  32. Melissa Diamond, MPH – Utah Department of Health
  33. Patricia Watkins, RN – Steward Health Care
  34. Randon Gruninger, MPH – Utah Department of Health
  35. Rhonda Hensley, MS, SM(ASCP), CMC – Utah Public Health Laboratory
  36. Sara Phillips – Comagine Health
  37. Sharon Sumner, RN – Intermountain Healthcare
  38. Valerie Lambiase, RN – Veterans Health Administration
  39. Wayne Kinsey, BSN, RN – KPC Promise Healthcare