Tanning Salons

Warning and Consent Forms

It is unlawful for any operator of a tanning facility to allow a person younger than 18 years old to use a tanning device. There are two exceptions to this prohibition listed in Utah Health Code 26-15-13(4)(a)(b); 1) the minor has a written order from a physician; or 2) at each time of use, the minor is accompanied at the tanning facility by a parent or legal guardian who provides written consent authorizing the minor to use the tanning device.

The consent form must conform to the Utah Department of Health Tanning Consent Form. A pdf copy of this form can be downloaded by clicking on Warning and Consent for Tanning link below.

Required Signs

Tanning facilities are required to post signs that are readily visible to a person planning to use a tanning device. The sign must meet the requirements of Utah Administrative Rule R392-700-5. A pdf copy that meets these requirements can be downloaded by clicking on Tanning Warning Sign link below.

Additional Information